Boeing 727-200

@Mauricio_B already warned me

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Would love to see the 727 and L1011 in IF…

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Still want this


I still want this too, I really do.


now this is something to admire,

takeoff & manual climb all the way:

55:10 manual approach & landing through clouds!


I am not a big fan of the 727 but I think this would make a good addition to the game.

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It will make the dates back, we need realism. In my opinion, we can change casual server as a historic/legends server and we can put old aircrafts there. I like this aircraft but i don’t want to fly between 2 b727-200s. Also, i like dc-10 but i don’t want to see that while flying at real time.

Solution is clear;

Casual server, rules free, no restrictions, old aircrafts.
TS with rules, restrictions, modern aircrafts.
ES with rules, restrictions, ghosting, modern aircrafts.

Why? They still operate?

I think that people should be able to fly older aircraft on the TS and ES

But how many? Can you see them as much as b737, even a380?

Not as much as them anymore, but they still operate. Like the DC6, sure they aren’t as popular as the 737, but they still fly commercially.

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That’s why i don’t want to see them while i am waiting for the take off in the queue.

With cargo version too!

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This would be amazing with the new working gauges and animations!

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Yeah. I can just imagine.

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Yes! Alaska Airlines is the best!


This thing would look beautiful in the classic FedEx livery.


Alright, I’m back … any other liveries you guys have in mind?

None of them are in service anymore, just like the B742 they should all become legacy aircraft as we need to put in some new aircraft and fix a couple of current aircraft.

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