Boeing 727-200

In the rise of Boeing 727 livery requests, I thought I’d make this and feature liveries.


Description: The Boeing 727-200 is the stretched version of Boeing’s first and last tri-jet that was produced from 1967 to 1984. It can carry up to 189 passengers and can fly up to 2,700 nautical miles nonstop. As of July 2017, a total of 55 Boeing 727-200s were in service with almost thirty airlines.

Featured Liveries:

American Airlines
United Airlines
Continental Airlines
Southwest Airlines
Delta Airlines
Northwest Airlines
Pan American World Airways
Eastern Airlines
Kalitta Charters
TAME Ecuador
Colombian Air Force VULCANO
Mexican Federal Police
Ansett Air Freight
Boeing House

Opinion: I’d want this in Infinite Flight because it’d add even more options and more routes and iconic airlines to fly.

What are Your Thoughts?

  • We Should Have This Aircraft in Infinite Flight!
  • Eh, I’m Not Sure…
  • Nah, We Don’t Need This.

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It’s a really nice aircraft. I believe some cargo airlines still fly it.


Yes! Get that Kalitta Charters 727 livery on the list and I’m on board 100%.


oooo! a southwest livery on that plane would look so good!


Got that for you! ;)


I would love to see my favorite aircraft in infinite flight! Imagine going back in time to be 50s and doing a Denver to San Francisco flight on a UAL 727, to doing freight flights in an Amerijet 727 around the Carribean. I can see myself lowering the air stair up I the air imitating the famous J.B Cooper incident. I really hope the developers notice this as it is a legendary plane and a true aviation workhorse!


I think you mean first flew in July 1967, or was produced from 1967 to the 1980s

This is merely an aircraft request. Liveries have their own topics

BTW @nativetoalaska great feature request

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Oh yes, that would be absolutely amazing! Here’s a cool video of an Ansett 727:


Reminder: one photo per request is allowed apart from in rare circumstances. This isn’t one of these times (:


I’m kind of a weirdo because I like to fly the exact planes that are being used for passenger service. I’ll use the same flight number that they use too. I think I’ve made it too realistic for myself. Basically, I’m not gonna vote for this, sorry.

I only like the 727-200 Advanced and no other kind.

For @Infinite_Flight_Dude and @NismoKits, please don’t comment that you use whatever procedure or that you only like a different version, because it isn’t necessary and bogs down the thread. Only comment what’s necessary and what liveries I should add.

I just wanted to tell you why I didn’t vote for this plane. I actually love these classic ones.

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Okay, then, I understand ;)

Amazing aircraft! Hope this and more classics like the B707 see an increase in demand.

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@MishaCamp question, does that apply to adding photos in the thread with replies as well or just to the original post?

Thee Oldies are cool and hence they fly over my house in KLRD today, oohh we need these oldies

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It includes photos in the thread.


It sure would! And happy birthday!!

Do not forget the: