Boeing 727-100, Frontier A319-100



Urgh. Didn’t have the long lens on for the Frontier one.


Where was this taken?

Indianapolis Int’l (IND)

Is the Boeing 727-100 just test flying or going to scrap or…just what is it doing in Indianapolis Int’l?

Could be a cargo hauler by the looks of the way the aircraft is set up

I guess your right, just surprised to see an good old classic plane in the modern days.

I was thinking it’s a fire trainer.

Making a diagram now to explain my reasoning.

The aircraft is located away from the possible places it could be stored while off-hours. Likely not an active aircraft.

Since it is a freighter and since IND is a FedEx hub, I am assuming that this was once a FedEx 727-100F. Since FedEx has donated many 727s off either to museums or as fire trainers, I’ll assume this is yet another fire trainer.

Unless someone has insight, which would be greatly appreciated :)

True there’s in sitting next to the dispatch center where I work

At KMCO there’s a fire trainer two b727s and a f100