Boeing 720

Boeing 720

About the Boeing 720

The Boeing 720 is an American Narrow-body airliner Produced by Boeing. In July 1957 the Plane was announces as a 707 derivative for shorter runways. The plane first flew in November 1959 and it’s type certificates was issued in June of 1960. 5 days later, United airlines received the plane.

About Boeing

Boeing Commercial Airplanes is a division of The Boeing Company. It designs, assembles, markets jet airliners. BCA operates out of its division at Renton Airport (KRNT/RNT), and has more than a dozen engineering, manufacturing, and assembly facilities located throughout the U.S. and internationally.
It included the assets of Douglas aircraft and McDonnell Douglas Corporation, which merged with the company in 1997. It also employs about 65,000 people.


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Isn’t that a pretty bird?🙂

We have the 4 engine early 737 here. The 720 was often confused with the 707. They were shorter and if memory serves lighter as well. They were fun to watch take off, rolling smoke and being as noisy as the could. The Sheeple were up in arms about the 707, 720, and the 727 with their loudness. Kind of like Harley Davidsons at Midnight with straight exhaust. Loud!

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It sure is!

Beautiful plane, a must-have in IF!

Currently, I don’t have any votes, but if I do get some this is going to be one of the first things I vote on. You have my full support to get this bird in IF!


Oh this is the first passenger plane ever. It ,I think, has of the Ii-96 engines but that’s the old verson of it. This is what it looks like nowdays:

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Still nothing has changed just look at the plane when it’s first builded:

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