Boeing 720

The Boeing 720 is 4 engined, short to medium ranged airplane designed obviously by Boeing. It is is a smaller and lighter version of it predocessor, Boeing 707.

Compared to 707, it has a smaller wing span, making it more aerodynamically efficient, faster cruising speeds and lowered minimum speeds. It is also 2.54m shorter. This meant cutting some seats outs.

I think this aircraft would be cool to have in IF because we need older aircraft, and it’s always great experiencing a new plane and the difference new planes feel to older planes.


Tell me what you guys think. 😊


This is a duplicate: Boeing 720 Aircraft

However that is old and this post should still be open.

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Please only use 1 photo per feature request.


Is this a 727-0? Never heard of it?

@bookers4eva its like a variant of the 707 but a whole different aircraft.

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Is that metal seating? Gosh.


Hmm… mixed feelings about this. On one side it’s a smaller, cuter 707 which makes me want it but on the other one, it’s a 707 anyways so it’s like requesting a 777-300 non-ER edition. But having it along with the other 707 variants would be a sensible thing.

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I think it is. This looks a nice plane but is not on my list to be added in soon.


Vote for your own feature request. I voted but will take it down if someone else doesn’t. I don’t want to waste a vote if the person that wants it cant.


I’d honestly rather see the 707 or 727. But this has potential