Boeing 720 Aircraft

The B720 was a short to medium range derivative of the Boeing 707 and shorter in size.
First flown in November 1959 and entering operational service with United Airlines in July 1960, it was built in two variants, the B720 and B720B, powered respectiveley with the P & W JT3C and P & W JT3D turbofan engines.

Production stopped after 154 units produced, but it was kept being used due to it being very similar to the B707.

It was finally retired in 2010.

Another classic jet aircraft, there are several liveries to choose from:
Aer Lingus.
Ethiopian Airlines.
Olympic Airways.
El Al.
Kenya Airways.
Middle East Airlines.
Air Malta.
Pakistan International Airlines.
Air Rhodesia.
American Airlines.
Braniff International Airways.
Eastern Airlines.

And many more.

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You are welcome.

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It’ll allow us to fly 1960s-70s routes.

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Think this could be fun, really missing the nostalgic jets on IF. This would be a great addition

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It should be like a 1960s B757.


720 and 757 are not comparable aircraft. Different markets

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But both were designed for the short-medium range.

? 720s carried max 149 people. Boeing 757 carries 90 more, max 240 people. It is used on a large variety of routes ranging from transcons and domestics to trans Atlantics. It is possible for 720s to make it trans Atlantic, but it is not very economical to fly a small payload of pax woth 4 inefficient engines on long routes. Thus, the 720 cannot be compared to the 757 because of a large difference in size and portions of the market that it served. Better comparison would be a 707-320C with a 757

Pop PIA on it for @Captain_Dan.

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Monarch Airlines!

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Pan am would be nice