Boeing 717 update

I think this beauty also needs a little retouche


What’s wrong with it?

Yes, whats wrong

Flight controls durin takeoff and landing. You can pitch the nose up and down at low speeds like 95-100kts and even with too much load. Also flap problem at flaps 40 it gets kinda tricky to control it for the touchdown… The autopilot when you change heading…

It is flyable, but with some small corrections it would be a whole lot more fun flying this beauty!

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No…if they did they would have to get rid of the 3d windows to add window lights

We’re discussing about something way more different

Try using 30° flaps and 147knots thats what i use dont use heading 3miles before landing do it manual

Yes but 147kts is quite too much when they in reality land at around 130kts

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Yeah i understand as i said thats what i use this plane stalls very fast sometimes at 40 especially if you have hdg on…just keeping a safe speed never quite actually mastered it

Agreed!! Also when you takeoff the amount of thrust you get isn’t realistic. 23% N1 gives you a taxi speed of 15 knots in a short amount of time. What speed do they rotate because I can barely get it off the ground at 150 with everything set to a normal load


This is the problem. Read the 717-200 tutorial below. It will tell you the what you should be landing at.

That is a FACT.


The 717 needs to be updated. Its autopilot is faulty and it could very well have some tweakings on its flight model, like ground effect.


I’d like to see a 717 rework. Maybe add a few liveries, like Volotea, Turkmenistan Airlines, Jetstar Airways, Olympic Airlines, TWA, and Midwest Airlines! Then we’d have all of the 717 liveries. This is only a suggestion. Maybe also add some of the special liveries AirTran operated in addition to the Atlanta Falcons livery on AirTran

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The 757-200 really needs updating but I’m extremely happy with what the whole crew has done in terms of making a FS for a phone. It’s beautiful

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