Boeing 717 — Trans World Airlines (TWA)

What airport were these flown out of a lot? Seems likes STL would be one like with their 757s

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KSTL was TWA’s main domestic hub, so essentially all of their aircraft flew out of the airport. Similar to KATL for Delta or KDFW for AA.

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Yeah it was their HQ. Sad that it’s dead now compared to what it used to be. There are so many gates that could be used

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I’m very pleased to see some attention for the 712

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Here’s an article about TWA’s huge 717 order, straight outta 1998!


I will vote for this after 21.2, since I’m making sure all my favorite A333 liveries get added. You have my full support, as the 717 is one of my favorite aircraft, and how is TWA not included in IF yet!

Those cheat lines 🥰🥰🥰

This would be an amazing livery to have, so you can fly interesting routes with an amazing livery!

Definitely got my vote

I’ll hold you accountable for that. 😜

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Give me smacc if I don’t vote after the A333 update

Will do sergeant.

Much better than a new livery with bigger text or 3 generic striped on the tail. 😛

The red cheatlines were one of the most iconic things of the post-WWII airline world up until the early 2000’s. Hopefully we can see them in IF sometime too!

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