Boeing 717 starts spinning uncontrollably during touchdown. Then it bounces and then falls through the world

what happend here
i was touching down using my boeing 717 and then it starts spinning uncontrollably during touch down
then it bounces like crazy then it fell out of the world

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The 717 in IF has a tendency to drift around, and the gear sometimes drops into the ground. It desperately needs a rework to fix these issues.


the 717 also then bounces and then flies back to 2000 feet then it stalls and falls through the world

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the 717: u spin me round round baby round round like a record player


Does just the landing gear, or the whole plane fall through the world? If it’s the landing gear, this happens from time to time. If it’s the whole plane going into the ground, then it might me a similar glitch to the F-22 space glitch.

the whole plane

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The it’s either a scenery glitch, or a glitch with the plane, or both combined.

the airport is E36 airport
a kinda small airport

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i checked the airport… nothing wrong… try reinstalling the app

No need to reinstall, just clear scenery cache

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or that! but try my method if clearing scenery cache didn’t fix it

The 717 is easily the most broken plane in the game, so it could easily just be something with the plane and that airport just completely bugging out. The plane has not been updated once since its original release in 2012. Report it to the devs.


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