Boeing 717 - Smooth Landing Tutorial - Birthday Special

Happy birthday to me! 🥳

To celebrate it, I’m going to share this nice little tutorial I put up a few weeks ago (since I thought it’d be nice to share it on my birthday) teaching how to do what many consider to be impossible. I hope you like it and impress everyone who hasn’t watched this tutorial by making the smoothest 717 landing they’ve ever seen.


happy birthday! hope you have a good one 😁🥳

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Happy birthday. Interesting how you’re born on Star Wars day


I refuse to believe its possible to butter this plane
Lol happy b day

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It only includes the stall alarm going off constantly!

It’s possible!


LOL imagine the cockpit Warmings, actually meaning your flying the plane right

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Flying more wide bodies these days…(Another frustrated GA fan). Every time I think that I have the 717 down, I end am humbled by another terrible landing. I wouldn’t let the Dash defeat me, and I won’t quit trying this one. But consistent butter eludes.

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You could always just activate the autothrottle and not disconnect it. It disconnects automatically on touchdown. Works like a charm everytime.


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