Boeing 717 Rework

As the MD88s are all being retired, airlines are turning over to the 88 lookalike, the 717. I feel like the 717 is a really great aircraft and it has a lot more modern of systems than the 88 has, making it more ideal for people to fly on a regular basis in the sim. I find it cool that it was supposed to be another MD before Boeing bought out McDonnell Douglas and made it the Boeing 717.

This is a B717 parked at a gate at Myrtle Beach.

The 717 in Infinite Flight is super outdated and could use some better features as seen on the recently updated aircraft.

Above is the 717 in Infinite Flight, and below is the 717 in real life.

Last topics for this aircraft are back in 2017 and 2018 and are closed, so I thought I should make a new topic as aircraft are now being updated with live cockpits, and I would love to see the 717 with a live cockpit.

Hey Austin! Very nice request! You’ve included a lot of detailed and important information. Unfortunately, this has already been requested. You can vote for it and continue the discussion below:

Have a nice day!

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Ah, thank you for letting me know. I’ll close this one. That must not have come up in my search for “717” in the forum.

Hey, go vote for the request above linked by @lucaviness!

Next time make sure you follow the rules of the #features, they can be found here.
The rule I am going on about is this one:

1 picture per request . A small minority of requests will be permitted a second photo for the purpose of context