Boeing 717 Rework

The 717’s History

Initially, the Boeing 712 was developed by McDonnell-Douglas as the MD-95. It was a modernised version of the MD-80 (aka Maddog) for shorter regional routes. To do so, they changed the engines with less powerful engines, a shorter range and less seats.

Boeing bought McDonnell-Douglas in August of 1997 so, naturally, the current MD-95 program was shifted to Boeing and it’s name was changed. The first 712 to be commercially used rolled out the the assembly lines in 1999 and started its operations with the now defunct AirTran Airways.

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Aircraft Specifications

Seats: ~115 pax
Range: 2,060 NM
Engines: Rolls Royce BR715-C1-30 (each capable of providing 95,3Kn of thrust) listen here
Service ceiling: 37,000ft
Cruise speed: Mach 0.77 (444kts)
Length: 37.81m — Wingspan : 28.45m — Height : 8.92m

156 B712’s were built and 133 are still in use.

Current Operators

Airline Fleet size Available in IF Notes
Delta Air Lines 91 (64 active) Yes Retirement in 2025.
Hawaiian Airlines 22 (19 active) Yes Newer livery available.
Qantas 20 (14 active) Yes Newer livery available, Retirement in 2023

Former Operators

Airline Ended service Available in IF
Aerolíneas Baleares 2009 No
AirTran Airways 2013 Yes
American Airlines 2003 No
Bangkok Airlines 2011 Yes
Blue1 2016 Yes
Impulse Airlines 2004 No
Jetstar Airways 2007 No
MexicanaClick 2010 Yes
Midwest Airlines 2009 No
Olympic Airlines 2003 No
Quantum Air 2010 Yes
Spanair 2012 Yes
Trans World Airlines 2001 No
Turkmenistan Airlines 2018 No
Volotea 2021 No

Why should this aircraft be added to Infinite Flight?

The Boeing 717-200 is a regional airliner that is slowly being phased out and its sight is getting less and less common. Being the smallest Boeing commercial aircraft, it also has a very different design that it has inherited from McDonnell-Douglas.

From a technical point of view, the aircraft available in IF is in very dire conditions: its Autopilot is faulty, its engines are way overpowered, its modelisation lacks details (side landing lights are missing for example). The cockpit is also in very bad shape. Nonetheless, it was IF’s first aircraft featuring a fully modeled cabin.

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AA does not operate the 717, but I agree this plane needs a rework.


They used to but you could call it TWA,

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Oh, I did not know that!


Hello and good evening just a quick word I have more vote (very nice request) (When I have more vote I will vote).🙂🙂✈🛫🛬


I would rather just get an MD-80 so we can get all those and american ones


Best feature request so far! Definitely got my vote. Let’s hope they make it a bit easier to land!


The MD 80/90 families are essentially the same as the 717/MD95. Just different generations.

The 717 is a Boeing rebranding of the MD95. Just like the CS100/300 are now A220-100/200


It’s a nice request… But the lack of information provided in regards to this aircraft puts me off a little. Perhaps some more details would be nice, such as seating capacity, range etc 🙂


I like this aircraft, it’s pretty unique and I’ve always been a fan of the DC-9/MD-80/717 family. A rework would make it much more enjoyable to fly :)

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How dare you close my old topic! 👿 jk it’s fine

Nice request! Voted


very true. Although, some pilots say that the actual 717 is hard to land as well.


Was about to make this, defiantly needed!


I like the new Hawaiian livery more than the old one, nice request.


Regarding physics, liveries etc, 712 does need a rework, I found my way to land this thing realistically pretty well lol.

I think you could happen to add some more information like @Dan_77 mentioned

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I half Agree with you, there isn’t so much airlines that operate the 717. But we could add a new cockpit. Like the switches can be 3D and Maybe some special liveries like the Air Tran Atlanta Falcons :) I’ll find some more liveries.



Keep the AirTran Airways warms my heart. It’s a classic airline I grew up with.


The physics could get fixed…


Air Tran Falcons are already there


We desperately need this, great topic!