Boeing 717 - problem

Hello All,

Anyone else think that the Boeing 717 in infinite flight is unstable : for example when you insert a heading into the aircraft it turns vigorously -

Anyone else having problems with this aircraft?

The 717 is quite an old aircraft and has not been reworked in a while (if not never).


If you are talking about the rough turning of autopilot, then it is a problem for all aircraft.

It turns more unstable than the other aircraft 👀

I think the 717 is quite a nice aircraft. But you can say what you want about it.

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No it’s a great aircraft, I’m just talking about the autopilot.

When the tires go into the ground: mayday

I love the 717, it’s just a poor flyer in IF because of the fact it needs a rework.

It’s stall speed is quite low.

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