Boeing 717 problem

I can’t pitch up on the B717. Can someone help me?

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If you are having trouble most likely the reason is the 717 is a old plane and the physics haven’t been updated

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How do I fly it then?

Before assuming the 717 is in need of a rework (which it very much is), can you show us a replay of the problem? And do you have AP engaged and calibrated before flight?

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Have you tried adding positive trim? It might be like the MD11 where 50% trim is needed. Something to consider…


Can you explain a bit more where the pitching problem occured

Ah yes, @DeerCrusher, so happy to see you.

I don’t have time. I try doing an approach in solo and the nose immediately goes down.

Ok. Yeah, it sounds like

A. You might need to recalibrate your device in a more “aggressive” pitch
B. Need more trim as soon as the aircraft spawns in flight.


How do I recalibrate it?

pause screen and there should be an option that says Calibrate under weight and balance

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Go into the pause screen, and calibrate at the angle you are comfortable with.

I have tried that.

Then what you might need to do is tilt the device more “nose down” and calibrate it that way. It may seem weird at first but once you tilt it back to your normal angle it’ll be on point.


I’ll try that and then send you the replay if it doesn’t work.

Hey there,
Is there a way you can show us your Infinite Flight replay of your flight with that Boeing 717? It would help us a little more.

You can use to share replays of your flight to anyone. It is the official website. You save your replay into a file and send it onto this website. We can then use the link to share the replay with others:

If not, you can send us a few screenshots with us.

It’s okay. I’ll give you the link.

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OMG, I can’t control the airplane.

This aircraft is uncontrollable.

Send us the replay file. During that, I’ll test fly the Boeing 717 and check if there is any problems.