Boeing 717 Nose-down During Landing

While flying the B712 recently, I found that when I disengaged the autopilot on final (1000ft), the nose pitched down and the plane nearly crashed.
However, I used the recommended 139 knots for the speed (source Wiki), 20-30 degrees of positive trim and full flaps. Can anyone please address this issue? I think since the 717 was developed early, the physics are not up to date.

You’ve answered your own question :)

Unfortunately, it’s an old model, so it may not be the best in terms of flight physics. However, you can vote for the 717 Rework in the feature request linked below.


I remember seeing that the in game 717 was actually designed to act like the real 717. That’s just how they fly.

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No. Remember the old 757? It performs strangely and with the new one, it flies just like it does IRL.

I’m pretty sure the real 717 doesn’t land at 145kts with a nose down attitude.

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It’s 139. Check wiki for reference.

Just wondering, are you gonna make a topic on every aircraft that is old and the physics are off?


No. It’s just that they keep crashing, and I want to prevent this…

To prevent this, make sure you’ve trimmed your plane correctly and calibrated your device. It should never result in a crash. I’ve had some older planes dip when disengaging AP but never lost control and crashed. Something is off here.

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I did every single one of this. Even though I’m not even 15, I follow the checklists and consult Airbus and Boeing manuals for reference.

Like it’s been stated a few times, physics on some of these older models are off. But again, it shouldn’t be that bad. Maybe get a better feel for the plane(s) a bit more in game.

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Yes. When is the update?

We don’t know when the 717 will get a update. You can vote in the thread listed by @Thunderbolt.

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Seems to me based on your recent topics that you need to practice your approaches and ensure your device is properly calibrated. You also need to make sure you’re approach speeds are appropriate based on your aircraft load. I understand you say you’ve done all this stuff but I have never had an issue landing this plane, or any plane in IF for that matter where the plane nose dives on approach. Also keep in mind the 717 in IF is one of the most difficult aircraft to land according to the topic I’ve linked below, so you really need to be on your game when on approach with this plane.

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Brother you could try to land the 717 at 175 kts and full flaps, that thing is still gonna slam itself into the ground.

Exactly. The loving nickname we give the Infinite Flight 717 is The Flying Brick. Your manuals won’t do you any good with this

I trimmed 20% up, calibrated properly, calculated the landing speed, distance and flaps before landing. Effort wasted… 🤦🤦

Yes. You can’t butter on this thing…

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Usually when I’m landing a 717 I have to land at around 170kts. Dont know if this could help you or not

And use up the whole runway.