Boeing 717 glitch

I have noticed that whenever i land this plane, the plane’s nose wheel is very glitchy. The plane leans down and jumps around. This has been going on for a couple of years.

  • latest iOS and IF update
  • ipad pro 10.5
  • restarted and deleted and reinstalled



This has never happened to me, i think you might have corrupt data, try redownloading IF and see if that works

I already did as i said in my main post

Oh, sorry… i don’t think i know then. It does not happen to me so it has to be your phone or maybe connection or something like that.

Its ok. Is a mod on right now?

Have you restarted your iPad Pro at all( So that the iPad Pro has fully restarted)? Otherwise ask a moderator.

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Is it possible for you to take a screen recording of the issue? It would help us in determining the problem. :)

It’s highly possible your device isn’t calibrated, you are landing too hard, or you are taking turns too fast.

The 717 is an older model so it will generally be more finicky than the newer models.


Sorry its not letting me

What was your V/S on landing?

It was -28 I know thats pretty low

What is your landing speed?

Did you touch with the nose wheel first? Also does this happen on any other planes? The 717 is one of the better planes out there on IF.

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This is caused when you apply too much pressure to the nose wheel on these older planes. By forcing the yoke on touch or too low of a V/s

If your landing speed is too fast, that may also factor into you having to push the nose down in order to decend. As you begin your decent, lower your speed to a minimum and lower the flaps to full. This will allow you to land as slow as possible and thus not get the nose stuck in the ground.

Have you land too hard, or with the nose gear first this would probably be the cause of your issues. Thanks for contacting support!