Boeing 717-200 Tutorial

Airspeed Limits: See KCAS note at top
VMO (Maximum Operating Speed) VMO.

Sea Level: 340 KCAS.
26,000 Feet: 340 KCAS.
26,000 to 37,000 feet: 0.82 Mach.

I found this, I think that it’s OK to fly ay 280KTS over 10000ft.

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Try to make an ILS Landing with it😐

You need to push the device forward harder to make the nose go down. Its the plane’s design.

I know but it tends “yo-yo”, as David from FDS says.

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Landing a huge hunk of aircraft with people aboard isn’t really “funny” it has be safe and sophisticated. You could have a jammed gear like with that Southwest 737 at KLGA a few months ago. And plus, pilots aren’t trained to fly manually, which caused the stall of AF447 when the co-pilot kept pulling up when stalling.


Boeing707 made the A320 thread and he edited it over 100 times in about 7 months.

But it’s a game. Aren’t pilots trained to counteract stalls?

Yes but they are trained to stop a stall by using thrust, flaps and AutoPilot

When/at how many NMs do pilots turn off the A/P?

I couldn’t find an answer but all I found is that pilots should NEVER use AutoPilot when in emergencies but they use it 85% of te time. The other 15% is when in turbulence.

Good stuff! Thanks!


The accident of the AF447 was more because the Airbus planes are very very automatizaded and the trim moves all time. This means the pilots didnt really know they were stalled because they didnt have the sensation.

May ask where you got that insanely high cruising speed (0.82 Mach)?
I would like the know what your referencing from. Maybe I’m wrong, I would like to cross reference.

The info you have above is good. However, I’m pretty sure we don’t want to go 0.82 Mach in a 717, VMO is out the window.