Boeing 717-200 Tutorial

The Boeing 717-200 is one plane that is rather difficult to control, not because of an old design, like the A321 before the update, but because, as stated in another post dedicated to the 717, that the Devs added the faults of the original plane.
The most obvious thing is the 717s rapid acceleration (with only 40% thrust needed for achieving 90kts) and inaccurate speed given when one activates the A/P for the speed.

This is a tutorial that covers the trim, flap speeds, flaps needed for takeoff to have a more or less successful flight with the B717-200.


Weight: Normal.

Takeoff: 15%.
Smooth transition A/P to Manual: 20% (and keep the device at the same position when you began playing, so you won’t need to recalibrate).

Takeoff flaps:
Long runway: 10°.
Short runway: 15°.

Under 10000ft: max 250kts.
Over 10000ft: 280kts.
FL240: Mach 0.76.

Flap speeds and altitudes (landing):
0° 250kts.
1°: 225kts.
5°: 200kts.
10°: 185kts.
15°: 175kts.
20°: 165kts.
30° 152kts.
40°: 143kts.

I’d like to hear from those who have used the 717 before and correct me if something is wrong.

Turn off A/P: when the ILS triangle meets the ILS rectangle, fly the plane manually while flying at 150kts.

P.S: Someone move this to the Tutorials section, thanks.

P.S 2: the speed A/P is not as good as the one in another planes, so when you reach one of the speeds and activate the “SPD” A/P , it’ll give you a higher speed, leave it like that until you have to use another speed.


This won’t really matter once AutoLand is added to it. But great advice👍🏼😃

Not everyone uses APPR


Yeah lol, whats the fun in that?


Landing with manual is funnier.


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Why do people find this plane so difficult?
It’s one of the easiest planes in my opinion. I use it like any other. Flying high between 330-380 with no problem.


Faster acceleration than other planes, speed higher than the one marked by the A/P and constant vertical movement when deploying higher degree of flaps.

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Use Flaps 30 instead of 40 for landing and you won’t have troubles.

I just love the 712!

I normally used 40 instead of 30 and always found the final approach more challenging…will try it out with 30!! thanks for the tip

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That’s why I added flaps 40° with “emergemcy” advice.


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