Boeing 717-200 Rework

I think the 717-200 needs a rework. I think a lot of people will agree.
This has already been requested, but it was closed.
Sorry if this a duplicate.

The Boeing 717-200 is a narrow body, Twinjet airliner. Originally called the MD-95, it is slightly smaller than the well known Douglas MD-80 family.
The 717 can hold up to about 130 passengers and can take them about 2,500 Nautical miles.

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Is it possible to add a bit of more information? Such as a picture (With Source) and aircraft specifications?


Please make your request detailed with an organized format so we could get some more info

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Yes, I will edit the post…


Was just about to say the same thing. @Pinecone, we all know it needs a rework, but what specifically are you thinking?

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Do me a favor and use this image:

It’s more High Quality

also, please check this:


I’m thinking that it is one of my favorite planes, and the other request was closed, so I thought I would request it again, for I also know that a lot of people want a rework.


That’s a lot better than the other one…

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I should replace the other one with this?
I like your photo more

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That article was great too. I never knew why they were still around


I think that with the new adition to the InfiniteFlight aircraft, this being the CRJ family, it is highly unlikely that the Devs will add this.

It is similar to what’s happening with the 787 Dreamliner and the A350 XWB… They added the Dreamliner in 2016, two years later just because the A350 is very similar to it, it will not be added anytime soon.

Maybe FDS can package the 717 rework with addition of DC-9/MD-80/MD-90 like with CRJ-200 rework with addition of other CRJ variants.

I think this might be a stretch, but could ARJ21 be thrown in the package as well. It uses same tooling as MD-80, but with different wings, engines, and avionics.