Boeing 707

I agree 100%. It would make the fleet more diverse and more interesting.


Israeli Air Force has Boing 707-300 and 707-300 tanker


707-300 tanker

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If this is to ever be implemented into IF, that will be the main aircraft that I fly. If not the only one I fly. I have flown in a 707 before and loved every second of it.

ahh… the boeing 707 used to be the queen of the skies back in the 60s

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We definitely need a Braniff 707-300 or 720, the 1965 Alexander Girard colors were and still are iconic. Braniff flew the 707 family until the mid 1970’s



You have my vote! Didn’t realize how cool some of these older aircraft are until I started reading up on them.

This is honestly a fantastic idea but you don’t really see 707’s anymore nowadays. Still a terrific idea. I would like it if they made it with the old 26000 Air Force One livery

imma bump lol

Whose the actor who owns one of these

If this ever comes to the simulator I’m going to need this beauty to be a livery.


I mean, come on, would you look at it? Would you just look at it? It’s gorgeous…

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Yes please we need the 707 ,its just my absolute favorite of all airliner

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This needs to happen

we need some classic aircraft