Boeing 707

Were you talking to me? I didn’t get a notification.

When did I mention Airbus?
I just said I don’t want this feature.

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There is your answer.


On Boeing topics you’re like “Airbus is better” 😉

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Woah, what a beauty. Just imagine flying around in a 707 and MD-11 through the skys of IF post global. 😍

Well I guess that’s your opinion then.


Retro jets please! But seriously, who has any votes left?

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Should be in the game just as the DC8, two missing epic and symbolic aircrafts ;)

Just looks a tad bit to old.

@SirPilotOfAviation maybe, but old aircrafts should also be in Infinite flight or at least iconic ones :)

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This plane definitely needs added as one of the early jet age planes this iconic bird has led the way to being what we have today.

We need more older planes like this! It would be even cooler if you could see the smoke coming out of the JT3D.

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The Boeing 707 has various liveries and military versions. As such I think it would be a GREAT addition to IF. Some of the military versions include: KC-135, RC-135, WC-135, JSTARS & E-3 Sentry).

This plane almost seems like a must have given the variety of options, would make sense for FDS to pursue this one.

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I would like it but all out of likes. I get to watch this take off once a day lately bit in the omega tanker livery

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Yeah actually we can see where aviation (almost) began!

Yes! The slickest plane I’ve ever seen! They should remake this into a 707MAX and start reusing it again!

I don’t mean to correct you, but I have too. Commercial aviation began with the plane nicknamed “The tin goose” Which was around in the 1920’s. The 707’s first flight was in 1957, about 30 years after one of the first commercial plane’s first flight. The 707 is one of the most original Boeing planes today.

Yeah, I meant commercial airlines but that didn’t came to my mind while writing that lol

Could be possible. Ask this to a Boeing engineer to see if they think of that :)


It would be something along the lines of the 737MAX (as the 737 was a continuation of the 707)