Boeing 707

Seeing planes like this makes me sad :-(

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Delete two and keep one please, the rule is of 1 picture per topic.

In that beautiful livery 😢


Ohh i know but i think thats another livery 727… 340 died 1974 year :–(((

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I think it’s a 707 Aviation Photo Search |

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Excectly eehm turkish have most crashed in history not good quote,
But is it give 707 another liveries in real

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They pull planes apart when they have retired, this plane hasn’t crashed

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I want to apologize if something on this post was found offensive for someone, it won’t happen again.

I deleted what I consider was found offensive by the Community, and I hope to be told in the future if anything seems offensive, so as to have time to correct it.

I didn’t say anything offensive :-(

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Would look fantastic in the air France Cargo, Royal Jordanian and TMA liveries.


Don’t forget the 707-200B (720B)

That will go on its corresponding request ;)

707-020 is 720
707-020B is 720B
707-200 is 707-220

There was never a 707-200B

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My bad (tiny keyboard XD)

Air Force One and AWACS :)

Those are b717s

Not the E3-Sentry, its a 707.


Qantas V-Jet and the standard livery

Scroll up.

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That was just the VJet I posted