Boeing 707

I think it would be awesome to have the B707 added to IF. With so many models to include military ones (KC-135, RC-135, JSTARS & E-3 to name a few) this would be a very fun plane to fly in IF.

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It would look pretty cool. Although it is a pretty old airplane, it would definitely be cool to fly in IF. We don’t really have any really old aircraft in IF. The Dev should add some ;)

Why don’t you add a picture?

Yes, I know it’s not required, but it does help a lot :)

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Add some more substance such as variants and airlines/operators

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Ahhh the 707, Do you have a picture?

Sorry man… Duplicate

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Better yet, just add one picture to the above topic.


Pan Am livery is beautiful on almost anything but especially so on a 707.

From top to bottom:

KC-135 stratotanker, E3 Sentry, Boeing 707,
JSTARS & RC-135 Rivet Joint.

Dont forget to give a credit/link to your images 😉

Remember to only use 1 image on your request next time 😊


Guys, this is a 100% Duplicate:

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