Boeing 2707

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I think this is really a cool plane, @Northwest gave me the idea for this as you can see. I know little about it but I thought it might be cool to see what people think of it outside of IF. Not intending to topic steal! Just continuing the discussion.

I’m sorry but I really don’t see the purpose of this topic. Everything can just be discussed on the features topic.


I don’t see the point of this unless it’s going to be in #features The 2707 is made of titanium so it would never get off the ground, it doesn’t even have a proper design, it never flew, it would be better to get the Concorde or Tu-144, at least they flew.


Haha, Carson the dog, nice

But that means there are 2 Carson’s,

Anyway, a simple flag will do


Can’t you talk about the plane in the request? No need to create another topic and not elaborate on the aircraft at all. This video is really good:

What’s the point in this aircraft if there are soooo many other aircraft and aircraft rework requests that are way more important…just saying…