Boeing 2707

The Boeing 2707 was built to be a competitor of the Concorde. It would have been faster and more efficient. It was also the reason that Pan Am never got their Concordes. The US government was funding Boeing to make a supersonic commercial aircraft, and in doing so, they asked Pan Am to wait until Boeing came out with it, but that never happened. The 2707 is still a cool plane and I think it would go well with The Global update so close.

Since it’s a prototype I don’t think the devs could get the aerodynamically specs etc.

I could be wrong


No thanks. If it’s not a plane in the real world I wouldn’t want it in the sim.
Well, it technically is since it was briefly developed, but you know what I mean.

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If it’s not a thing, or will never be a thing, it shouldn’t be in a feature request.


I must say it looks really cool… I think I’ll make a real world topic about this!

I like this, plus the delta wing was able to switch to normal, which would be a cool feature the plane has.

I did not even get close to become airborne.
The onlything they managed to do in this project is this non functioning dummy to show its size.

I would rather more appreciate the Concorde or the tupolev because they did even got build,…

Do you actually want this or did u just wanna make a request that nobody else has done, bc you havent even decribed why u personally want an aircraft that wasnt flown n had no orders🤔

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It’s an old request.

I don’t get this. This wouldn’t be able to be implemented because we don’t know the specs, the cockpit, and this only had one livery.


Agreed, if it had really flown with the great airlines like Qantas Pan Am and KLM, it would be amazing to fly Sydney to LA in under 5 hours, possible to do in an afternoon before bed. However, Mach 2.7 is just too fast for aluminum planes, thus we cannot have it in IF.


Thanks for bumping an old thread for no reason. Captain is right… Plus it had one vote and neither of you voted for it.