Bobby sees billy?!?

1) I met up with billy over the Atlantic!!
Boring stuff🔽🔽
2) Server: expert
Aircraft: B763

Now onto the fun stuffs
**3) Photos:



Typo hopefully? 🙏

Probably isn’t but don’t tell that to the mods

I was just seeing my life long friend billy so no biggie

Yeah, that seems like a crash

The fact that this happens on the expert server really concerns me…

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Yeah, I’m trying to always watch my distance to other aircraft during cruise and change the flight level if something seems too close. Something like that would only happen to me when I’m not on my device for a longer time for whatever reason (like when I’m sleeping during a long haul flight)

Well, fact is while people are at cruise and not constantly observing their flight this can happen pretty fast. But there is one thing that could help impede situations like this:


Im aware… its everyone else who isnt which is where the problems start… too many people who are flying on expert have no concept of realistic flying, nor do they seem to care either… something needs to be done about it, i just dont know what.


I think the primary thing about Expert is being able to utilize the ATC and following directions in terms of it. I get realistic flying is kind of a difficult thing for some people, but at the same time, it takes a lot of real life references to learn how to fly realistically.

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Maybe everyone claims this for him/herself. The only solution for me is to explain people where they did not follow realism and helping them to improve :). This is how we can get better as a community and to enhance realism.

How exactly do you mean that?

Hu, what do you mean exactly?

What kinda altitude do you suggest to set and when?

I’ll dm you.

Bobby! Billy!
Bobby? Billy?

Thank you man

Yeah…… There is no atc when there isn’t a center for the Atlantic active

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