BOARDING stairs (tunnel/roof shape)

Got my vote. Such Airstairs would be a nice add on ;)


Fun fact Nagoya has been my home airport for a year and Helsinki-Vantaa is my home airport atm. I don’t recall seeing this at either one but it would be a great addition as apparently there are some at both airports


Hey @anon36354988 ! I think we can find these airstairs at LFPO too :)


Oh wait I just noticed that Innsbruck (which got confirmed 3D) has the roof type AND the tunnel type:

There are A LOT of pics in which you can clearly see it with many airlines/aircrafts:

Airport list with tunnel airstairs (not the roof ones)


Let me see if I can get a vote for this… 😅 Lovely feature request.


After days of research, I finally found pics of it at Lisbon and Funchal (3D)



Credits :

Many people fly to Funchal (LPMA), that object is needed there in order to be more realistic and interesting when parked there, it’s the same case at the empty current 3D Innsbruck…
Porto (3D) airport probably also has this and Faro too.

Just added Macau (3D) in the list thanks to that pic !


Ground handling companies are global in size. This is why, with a few exceptions, we find the same models everywhere. You have mentioned almost all of them and shown them, in particular the one adapted to wheelchairs, which we will find in the smallest airports (or just less equipped) which do not have trucks that can take people with reduced mobility on board.

Generally the low cost companies prefer not to use the passengerbridge in contact with the terminal, because the turnaround costs more in airport tax. Charter flights, flights too early or too late are also found “in remote stand” and therefore use these airstairs. Large Planes are also often assigned there, many international airports do not have the structure to embark and disembark passengers by jetway.

Your proposal has a lot of meaning and relevance to serve the realism of the game. You have my vote!

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That airline looks great! Btw air stair tunnels are needed!

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They look great! :)

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Talking about London Heathrow, the GVA<=>LHR route is the most used route in both airports (via FR24).

So I would like to recreate that flight and to have the right airstairs when parked


I was wondering if we get also Airstairs for PWD in the future?



Russia’s president using the tunnel airstairs at Geneva, summer 2021.

This day was amazing btw, all the airplanes from Russia and USA


Thanks for the tag, just had the thought of “how does Putin look nowadays” and here you come just in time. It’s so cool that all our society, all our technological progress had lead to this exact moment when Putin used the stairs but the stairs were under a sunshade. Fascinating photo, can’t wait for a photo of Biden using the stairs, after that I’ll be sold. But even so, definitely a must have, I’ll see if I can free a vote.


Just found on Internet that Istanbul (Ataturk), Munich, Krakow, Queenstown (New Zealand), Phnom Penh (Cambodia) also have it. So I just added them in the list !

It would truly be a good thing to add this at NZQN to be less empty imo it’s the same energy as LOWI.


Seattle / (SEA) and Punta Cana have exactly the same one!
The pic you shared is at London Gatwick :o according to the link

That’s an interesting shape, I wasn’t aware that they also were built with the roof, in Manchester we already have this one on IF but without the roof


I guess some airport have both roof and non- roof. 🤷‍♂️

Cepu Pacific are also using both roof and non-roof PWD ramp in some airports in the Philippines.

Example: Laguindingan Airport



AviRamp also have PWD ramp for Heavy and for A380. Picture taken in CYYZ


Credit: AviRamp


Just found out that Abu Dhabi and Male (Maldives) airport have these airstairs.

So I added them in the list !
(Also found PDL, LGG, REP, ZAG, SVO as well)

The ones at AUH almost look like the FRA and LHR ones .

However, the Male ones (see below) look like the basic ones (I mean the same airstairs type which were posted the most here).


Airport ramps/apron need this on IF in current 3D airports and future 3D airports, so please vote or support if you agree!


❤️❤️ I’ll try to find some other airports

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Here is one from Hong Kong, since I have been on one there. Sorry for the low Quality


You already have it in the list, but I flew to FRA yesterday and Took a pic just for you ;)