Boarding Pass Collections

Some of mine

Ignore the train ticket


I have an original Concorde boarding pass. I’m on holiday but I’ll post a photo when I’m home.

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Found some of the paper ones. Definitely not all of them or that would take up way too much space.

I separated them into SkyTeam and Non-SkyTeam

(Can’t believe I still have a 2009 Continental Airlines one)



Singapore Business!


I have one signed by the famous Canadian rapper Roy Woods (that was the reason why I kept it lol). I’m not home right now but when I do get home I’ll post it here.

86 printed ones… I probably have about 100 total ones but unfortunately don’t have those as they were on my phone and went away after 20 hours


That’s quite impressive!

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Thanks! All collected in about a year and two weeks

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Not exactly a collection, but this is my first ever boarding pass, from when I was 12 days old. BLR-BOM on a Jet Airways 737.


I only have one printed boarding pass from when I returned home from Washington.

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I have a lot so… I fly a lot, and I like jetblue


impressive 😼

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I store all my boarding passes, concert tickets and photos from traveling in a shoebox.

just wondering: why on earth does AA boarding passes look like they’re straight out of the 80s? Not complaining, just curious as to why.

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Those are the old boarding passes, the new ones look modern. I have tons of boarding passes, I’ll take a picture when I get home from school.

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Ok so here’s mine — I lost a lot of the ones on my phone when I got a new one.


Nice collection… That reminds me to do an updated collection

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