Boarding Pass Collections

Mine is all on phone. Probably don’t have them anymore. Don’t ask why.

AA Last year went to Bay Area from the East Coast (Allentown)! Had a layover in Chicago enroute to San Jose
Flew back with Delta from San Jose to JFK, but with online boarding pass (so no pics of that)

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I do have it attached with my flight logs (mostly) for each flight since 2017 or so. Here’s one of them:
Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 2.17.19 PM


That goes on similarly


Oops, I don’t keep them. We should start a Safety Cards Collections thread though 😂😂

98A? What aircraft was that?

Sadly I haven’t saved all of my boarding passes, but here are some of my e-tickets. I’ll look around for my paper ones later.


These are the only boarding passes I could find but I’ll find more later

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Here are some of mine digital ones. Also don’t think I flew with DHL (yellow e-tickets). It’s just for sending packages 😄


I am going to start a collection soon. Great thing to have!

If I am not mistaken there is a boarding pass for a Ferry right?

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Yes, I thought it’s obvious haha

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A380 of course :) it’s Upper Deck Business Class


Some of mine

Ignore the train ticket


I have an original Concorde boarding pass. I’m on holiday but I’ll post a photo when I’m home.

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Found some of the paper ones. Definitely not all of them or that would take up way too much space.

I separated them into SkyTeam and Non-SkyTeam

(Can’t believe I still have a 2009 Continental Airlines one)



Singapore Business!

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I have one signed by the famous Canadian rapper Roy Woods (that was the reason why I kept it lol). I’m not home right now but when I do get home I’ll post it here.

86 printed ones… I probably have about 100 total ones but unfortunately don’t have those as they were on my phone and went away after 20 hours


That’s quite impressive!

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