Boarding Pass Collections

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Hello, IFC! I have a collection of boarding passes, and was wondering if anyone collected them just as I did. Here’s mine:

Southwest Cards

American Cards

Share yours below!


I’d show mine but I’m not home so ig mobile passes will do.


I’ve lost all of them


Every time id keep mine my mom made me throw them away 😭 If I had them still I would have tons! Delta MD80 family flights, American MD-80s, Southwest 739 flights, Spirit, and Jetblue flights! Ive actually flown on more MD-80 family aircraft then any other flights combined! Nice collection!


Same. My parent know where they are.

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Rip. I have a lot more at my house. I’ll add those in tomorrow when I get back

Nice thread! I probably have around 80 AA boarding passes in the last year or so

Mine is all on phone. Probably don’t have them anymore. Don’t ask why.

AA Last year went to Bay Area from the East Coast (Allentown)! Had a layover in Chicago enroute to San Jose
Flew back with Delta from San Jose to JFK, but with online boarding pass (so no pics of that)

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I do have it attached with my flight logs (mostly) for each flight since 2017 or so. Here’s one of them:
Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 2.17.19 PM


That goes on similarly


Oops, I don’t keep them. We should start a Safety Cards Collections thread though 😂😂

98A? What aircraft was that?

Sadly I haven’t saved all of my boarding passes, but here are some of my e-tickets. I’ll look around for my paper ones later.


These are the only boarding passes I could find but I’ll find more later


Here are some of mine digital ones. Also don’t think I flew with DHL (yellow e-tickets). It’s just for sending packages 😄


I am going to start a collection soon. Great thing to have!

If I am not mistaken there is a boarding pass for a Ferry right?

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Yes, I thought it’s obvious haha

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A380 of course :) it’s Upper Deck Business Class