Boarding Music

Have you ever thought how you could make your flight more realistic? Boarding music is probably the answer!
With the new CRJ-700 update you can open the main door, so being able to play a selected playlist of boarding music would take the realism to the next level!

Some of my favourite boarding music selections!
British Airways
Emirates Airlines

Would you like to see this? Don’t forget to vote!

I love the idea, although the option is already available on Infinite Passengers.


Not everybody can afford that though.

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Then simply search it on YouTube for free


Firstly, you’d have to close Infinite Flight for that and secondly, it would just be more convenient and realistic for it to be in IF.

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You could do it on a different device.


What if you don’t have another device?

I would recommend using Infinite Passengers then. If you can afford Infinite Flight, let alone a Pro subscription, I’m sure you can spare a few dollars to Infinite Passengers. I think it would take the devs too much time to implement something that other apps already offer.

Then you use multitasking

I don’t think you understand the purpose of this. Not everybody has enough money to pay for all of these extra services. It’s also inconvenient to multitask.

It appears you feel strongly about this. Why don’t you kick off the train of votes by voting for it! (Since you made the feature request)

Run out of votes unfortunately.

Then please don’t make this unnecessary request then! Simple :)


Download infinite passenger app. You’ll get lot of it. With V speed callouts, boarding music and all others. Descend approach callouts. etc. I think boarding music in the IF will make it more bulky. You can use API connect for it.

Sure, it is reasonable, but creating your own request calls for you to vote for it. Why request it otherwise? You want it, you vote for it. Simple.


Sorry @ollywhxte guess aussies just don’t like boarding music.

@anon31652286 there is no rule that says you have to vote for your own request. It’s not forcing others to vote for it either.

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Absolutely, you are correct. But I ask, what is the point of creating a request if you don’t want it? Voting for it is the strongest indication that you support a request. Votes get the developers’ attention. Otherwise as I said above, there is no point in creating a request. Clear a vote. As for me, this is not something I consider important as both I have Infinite Passengers, and the feature would be a very minor addition and unnecessary in my opinion. Remember Infinite Flight is almost fully about simulating flight.


When did I say that I didn’t want it, and this is off-topic. Please take this to PM or even better, don’t say any more.


I guess since Infinte Flight is about simulating flight only we should just remove the lights in the new crj cabin since there unnecessary?


Well if you want to waste FDS’ precious resources and time, by all means, go ahead. All I was stating is this request will go nowhere without the original poster’s support. Period.