Boarding Music Themes Medley

Greetings fellow airmen!

I am very excited to share with you something I’ve been working on these days that I believe you will find interesting. I’ve done a short medley/piano arrangement of boarding music themes of some of the best/favourite airlines in the world. I will mention in the description below which airlines I’ve included and at what phase of the video each airline music is mentioned. I will also tag the VAs that I have included accordingly with the real world airline, most of which I fly for.

I would like to clearly point out that this video is for entertainment purposes only and that I do not own any copyrights and I do not make any investments in any way. I will clearly mention the airline that each boarding music theme belongs to and who is the composer of the original music. For some of the songs I haven’t mentioned the composer’s name as I don’t know it and I couldn’t find out, but I have mentioned the composers that I know. If anyone happens to know the unknown composers, please do mention him/her in the comments and I will mention them. If I mentioned a wrong name, please also let me know. All rights belong to the respective owners. Being a musician as well as a composer myself, I know what copyright means and I fully respect these rights, the arts and all the artists just like I expect my artwork to be respected the same way

This is an original arrangement brought to you by Michael Metaxas (myself) and I hope you enjoy it.

If there are any issues that happen to be against the rules of this channel and the IFC rules in general, please don’t hesitate to let me know and I will respond immediately.

NOTE: I do not own any sheet music/scores of these soundtracks. The main sources I referred to are “Infinite Passengers” app and YouTube. This arrangement is a combination of the music I have heard/learned purely by ear 👂. So there might be different versions/arrangements of these soundtracks and the composers may have edited their their work. And lastly, the boarding music of some airlines may have changed over the years and some airlines may have new themes. The music you are about to hear is mainly an “Infinite Passengers” app version in a combination with a YouTube reference

Thanks and best regards,

Michael Metaxas - AFKLM263, DVA165, BAVA301, WZZVA115, LH223

Here is the link to the Music Video:

Airlines included in this medley are as follows:

00:00 Lufthansa - composer unknown @LuftyVirtual

00:48 Qatar Airways - Music by Dana Al Fardan @QatarAirwaysVirtual

01:34 Cathay Pacific - Music by Russell Van Caoeli @CathayPacificVA

02:35 Emirates - Music by Christian Saglie @DubaiVirtual

04:12 British Airways - Music by Leo Delibes @BritishAirwaysVA

04:47 Singapore Airlines - Composer unknown @Singapore_Virtual

05:15 Qantas - Composer unknown @QantasVirtualGroup

05:45 KLM - Composer unknown @AF-KLM_VA atar - Composer unknown

06:53 Qatar Airways

07:21 Airport announcement bell

Arrangement/Piano Cover/Piano Performance: Michael Metaxas


Absolute banger of a video 🔥


@MichaelMetaxas if you could take out that nice restriction it would be awesome. Thank you! :D

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Hey @JetSuperior5192 ! I’m not sure if I understood correctly what you mean. Could you explain please ? Thanks 😊

Your video is private. @Tsumia explained it perfectly :)

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@JetSuperior5192 are you referring to the copyright things that I mentioned or is it something in the YouTube link ?

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Ahh right got it. Ok no worries, will edit it now :) thanks

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@Tsumia @JetSuperior5192 Done! It’s now public and you can view it - changed it in the settings 😉

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Holy smokes you’re good! I think some tend to underappreciate the amount of skill it takes to play something like this, especially without any notes! I used to play the piano as well, but I never came close to anything like this! Great work, and certainly something very unique! Keep it up!


Thanks buddy! Really appreciate it ☺️


No problem mate! One can’t appreciate something artful as this enough!


Heyyyyy! A fellow keybanger! Nice work!!!


Stunning performance!


Thanks mate ☺️

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Thanks mate 😊

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WOW! this is amazing!


Damn you are soooo talented! i listened to the whole thing it was one of the best things i heard today. Thanks for sharing this mate :)


Such a refreshing post! Amazing work putting it all together. Really well done!


@N908QD @Kilo_Charli @Dom_Stewart thanks you guys! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂☺️


This is awesome! Really enjoyed! 👏