Boarding music, safety announcements and multiplayer - Infinite Passengers

And are both devices on the same wifi network?

in IF setting? and @Cpt_Chris i have to use two devices? lol that may be the issue, i thought it just ran in the background… well ive already started a nine + hour flight so i will retry it again tonight…

It does run in the background, not sure what Chris means.

It works better if you only boot up Infinite Flight after you have set everything up. Then look for the connected pop up at the top. You should start hearing music aswell.

Yea I set it all up before launching IF. Launch IF and on the app it never connects. Is there a setting in IF that I need to turn on?

Need to turn on the infinite flight connect in infinite flight before launching infinite passengers. This allows if pax to connect to the api.

And no you don’t need two devices. If you choose to use 2 devices, they need to be on the same wifi network.

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Ok, thanks for the help guys!

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Does it work now? Make sure it’s on the device you will be flying on. It uses API’s to know when you are pushing back or turn lights on etc so that’s how it will work and yes make sure that setting is on.

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Make sure you’re checking the box in your Infinite Flight preferences that
says “Infinite Flight Connect” out something like that our else it won’t

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I just said that like 2 hours ago

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Haven’t tried it again yet, doing a long haul right now. Will try again later


This is a problem the flight times are completely off

After paying almost £15 for your app and add ons you are still bent on charging me more for every little improvement, that is not fair.

Why purchase it if you’re complaining about it?

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I wish it were free though but I may consider it I’m investing into that app more now instead of game add ons

Nothing is free, everything has a price tag to it, its called “Economy’s of scale”

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Thank you all for using the app. New features coming soon… Cargo flight section, airline messaging to pilots and other cool stuff.

Let me know if you would like to see something else.

Also please for any support issues post them on I only answer support tickets there.


Can you help me out? My friend did 2 flights on my airline and it didn’t register. Make a support ticket here. @SVEN_MORLEY

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