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Over the last few weeks we’ve been working hard on Infinite Passengers to add a lot more functionality and we just want to share this with you.

Boarding music and safety announcements
See below we’ve added official music and safety announcements for Turkish Airlines, BA, Emirates, Lufthansa and airfrance. These announcements automatically start playing during taxiing in Infinite Flight. These are extra 0.99 in app purchases however the generic safety announcements are included as standard.


Join other airlines or invite pilots to your airline. View pilot rankings before you recruit anyone. Bear in mind if you hire the wrong person they could write off your plane! Check out the airline leaderboards to be the best and biggest.


Get the app

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This is a great companion app for Infinite Passangers and is well worth the money!


Just bought it myself, I’ll take it out for a test flight this evening.


Thanks let me know how it goes.


This is nice i don’t really need it because i usually use YouTube and it gives me the safety video. But it’s hard to get boarding music and then the safety video. But this is really great congrats

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The app worked just as described. I used the generic soundtrack. My taxi wasn’t long enough to hear the entire thing, but what I did hear I thought was pretty good. Definitely worth the iOS store price, even if I don’t use it every single time. It also worked seamlessly with IF Assistant, which was a definite must. I’m looking forward to seeing how you evolve your product.


Definitely going to get this app!

Nice Advertising ;)

Hey I wanna try but unfortunately I can’t pay nor my parents would allow me to but could u make it free of charge?

Not going to happen. He spends countless hours on this for our enjoyment. He already isn’t getting all the profits that the app makes either. Can you save up?


I downloaded it yesterday, and its still unable to connect infinite flight eventhough i have restarted, turned on infinite connect and wifi & sim card. What do i have to do now ?

Just bought the app because of the safety briefing! Love the announcement as taxing across a huge airport is boring. Now i taxi slower because I want to finish the flight briefings before i take off. Can i suggest:

  1. For the purchase of the safety briefing, i would like to have a preview of each sounds before buying. This will ensure that I like the briefings of each airline before i buy.
  2. The price of the in-app purchase is also different from my country and you may want to indicate as USD or remove it.

I am looking forward to Singapore Airlines safety briefing as I usually fly it on Infinite Flight. I would also like to suggest to have more announcements on the app maybe like turbulence announcement for passengers to be seated when the winds reached a certain speed.

Thanks for the wonderful app! The app also work when running together with IF Assistant.


Device specifications would be a nice start.

We can assure you that the beta testing team and Luqman are working diligently to constantly improve the quality of the app. Regarding the announcments, we have to be careful not to interfere with @epaga app, In-Flight Assistant, or any plans that he may have for improving his app. I can say that Luqman is working hard to achieve this and your requests may come in a future update.

To everyone else, we greatly appreciate all of the feedback you have provided and we, the beta testing team, look forward to eventually testing and Luqman releasing your ideas in the app. Happy flying everyone!


Samsung S7 Edge, whats next ?

Great work with the update…really enjoying the safety demo and soothing music…


Bought it a couple of days ago and I’m more than happy with the purchase. Pretty awesome to see the comradery between the two developers as well. Adds a whole new element to the experience.


Best $3.99 I have ever spent


Absolutely couldn’t agree more! They really hit this one out of the park with this add-on. Count me in for another buck when the AA safety announcements get added.


Really gooood app! I like it


Wait… can I buy IF planes from infinite passengers?