Boarding Feature

What if when you entered Infinite Flight, got the ATIS info, and fuel on board we had a button that let use start a “boarding process”. You would have to set the amount of passengers on board, the press this button. Then a realistic boarding process would start! Then, when complete, a notification came up saying “boarding complete”. While boarding, you could do your flight plan. Then pushback. This would make the game just a little bit more realistic. Does this make sense?

I really don’t see a point to this. It will just make it take more time to start your flight. If you want to simulate passenger boarding, then you can do that by yourself. In my opinion, not really needed in IF. Just my two cents. :)


This would make the simulator more realistic, but who wants to see nothing board?

Maybe in a few years when buildings and terminals are a thing. Then we can get people to come as well. Then we can discuss boarding. Oh and that is when mobile devices would be stronger as well.

Today, I just simulate boarding by slowly adjusting the passenger slide in “Weight and Balance.”


IF Passengers I believe you can do Passenger Announcements From Pilot/Flight Attendant to PaX


Lmao 🤣 really? Interesting


I mean, its the most realistic way I guess

Like IRL, I always start boarding 40 minutes before departure


This would be cool with fuel loading as well

Maybe have setting on settings : start flight with plane empty

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And cargo. It all would be cool


Ohhh damn you take it to A whole other world of realistic. 😂


Unless I am low on time and I need to get to cruising altitude fast, that is my normal procedure XD

40 Minutes mate ? Your starting a bit early

I’ve noticed IRL that we start boarding 40 minutes prior to departure.

Would differ by airline and flight.

Yes, but I mostly fly the 738, which have passengers boarding 40 minutes prior to departure.

I see what’s happening, @AviationReports wants this to be like P3D V4

@nashes What do you mean? We don’t even need terminals or anything, just a button to simulate a boarding process.

I like this idea. I usually sit at the gate for sometime doing my flight plan and SimBriefing my flight. This would make the time a bit more interesting. Could even add that sounds such as flight attendants talking. This would go along well with the addition of “Request Clearance” that someone posted about recently.

I do the same thing. Mines not 40 minutes though. I sit at the gate or ramp while i do my flight plan and such. Usually right at 25 minutes.

I’m sort of for this but further detail would be much appreciated. Maybe some more explaining on how it would work would help.

I think its a good idea but i dont think you can board without a gate…