Boarding at Sunset


Yesterday while I was playing around with the 21.1 open beta at LAX, I thought I should pull up to the jetbridge to make it look like it was actually connected to the aircraft. So, I did a little maneuvering, changed couple of weather settings, and ended up with the beautiful shot you see below.

Shot Details

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Livery: Southwest Heart
Location: Los Angeles Intl Airport T1
Server: Solo
Route: N/A
Session Time: ~20 minutes

Bonus Picture Details -
Aircraft: IFATC Session
Livery: IFATC Session
Location: McCarren Intl Airport Runway 26R
Server: Expert
Route: IFATC Session
Session Time: 61 minutes



we should all do this

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How did you do that?

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He spawned at a gate where the jetbridge was fully extended.


Well yes but actually no


Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback, I’m glad you like it!


It’s actually quite easy to do and get a picture if you’re just messing around.

Idc how unrealistic it is ima park my plane close to the gate and off the taxi line so it seems it is connected to the jet bridge lol but nice pictures!

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We don’t talk about how unrealistic it is… it’s a nice picture!

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I think you mean KLAX not KLAS

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Nope, when you open the hidden detail, there is a picture of KLAS at sunset. I took it during an IFATC session yesterday. Thanks though! 😃