Boarding And Fuelling Realism!

Hey IFC!

Detailed Explanation of the feature!

I just finished a flight from Frankfurt to Singapore and I realized that we shall have a feature that makes boarding passengers take time. Same for cargo and fuel. So if i select to have 200 passengers on board. It will take for example 7 minutes to board all 200 passengers. And if I want to have 11,000 KG of Cargo. It should take 10 minutes for example to finish it. And same for fuel. The time shall be higher when the capacity of passengers, cargo or fuel increases.

How will it work?

There will be bars that indicate how many time is left to finish boarding or fueling the aircraft.

The whole feature can be turned on and off like the “Automatically Start Engines” feature in settings to turn the engine on without taking time.

And from in game you will have a button for auto refueling, auto boarding Passengers, and auto boarding cargo. Like the Auto Start button for the Engines
Because if you are in a hurry and found out that fueling for example will take too much time you will be able to skip it.

What do you guys think?
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