Boarding and Disembark

G’day IF controllers and pilots.
Some time ago, I made a feature called “Boarding and Disembark” and it was really sketchy, not detailed and I couldn’t edit anymore. So here goes the new one. (hoping to make it much clearer)

No, 3D Buildings aren’t a part of this feature even it’d improve the realism of this feature.

I went onto a flight, a long haul, and thought:
“It’d be great to have a kind of boarding or disembark feature, like passengers and cargo, going up slowly, and stopping at a set point.”

So why do we need it?

It’s definitely going to improve realism, maybe with like steward and PNC welcoming passengers, and the noises of lugguages coming in.
Due to obvious reasons, that could be skippable or time-set. Like a cursor, going from 1 to 30 minutes for example. And a button “Skip boarding”.
Then, the number of passengers and cargo you want etc.
When we have vehicles/3d buildings (not in the foreseeable future though) it’d be definitely amazing.

Now, disembarking?
Same, but in a reverse type of thing.

I hope you’ll understand why I personally think we need this if we’re striving for realism.

Thank you!

Any feedback appreciated!

Nice request!

Remember to vote for your own request!

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tbh this would be easily accomplished with just some sounds. I know of a couple of Apps like Infinite assistant and infinite passengers that do a descent job of this. If you are looking for 3D stuff I would love that but the Devs have their hands full with the 777 and who knows what’s next. I would love though to see a 3D version of this request in the future.

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You can actually get this through some third party adds like IF PAX not sure if it’s still compatible with IF but it had proper boarding music and sounds.

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