BOAC Virtual Airlines is recruiting!

Hi everyone.

I’m currently recruiting people for my va, BOAC. You can check out more on the jobs here.

Event leader

BOAC needs an events leader. The requirements are:

  • Must be grade 3 or above
  • Must have over 100 hours
  • The person will need to be able to lead events at 1100z on Saturdays and Sundays
  • The person must have live for here or more months at he time of applying.
  • Been on the IFC for over one hundred days, preferably a regular.

Interested? PM me with the following:

  • A screenshot of the grade table
  • Proof of live
  • More info if you have any!

I hope you consider taking a important position in one of the biggest virtual airline, joining as one of over fifty pilots!

Hello! I do not believe this requires its own thread as you have already posted this multiple times in the past couple of days. I hope you agree and find all the staff you are looking for


Sorry, but we haven’t got any replies. Also, lots of other va’s do this. ;)

I understand your frustration but many of those VA’s would have received similar messages and would have , in most instances, complied! Good luck :)

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Just a note, the event leader job is with @Tom-Bonfield, so you will be sharing the role.

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Honestly you don’t need to do this in more then one thread. I have my main frontier thread and recruitment all on the same thread. And just because other airlines do it doesn’t mean it’s time to mimic them 😉


It didn’t receive attention on the main thread, so I have posted one so people know about it. :)

If it didn’t receive attention it might mean people aren’t interested 😉

Often people want staff positions. Already got some internal applications, I’m just looking for external ones.

They are still open by the way! :)

Guys lets let him to it, just in the future please obtain from posting multiple threads for your VA. 🙂

New job place!

I’m interested in long haul manager, but can you give us more insight on what you do?

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  • Help people who have problems with the fleet
  • Help with routes
  • Have admin responsibilities
  • Help give event ideas, and sometimes lead them

Hope you want to join!

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'Kay, I’m interested in joining :)

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Shoot me a pm. ;)

Well done to @Kyle.Plane who is now the long haul manager!

We are looking for an event organiser, to plan and organise an event and help with recruiting. They need to lead the events too! Please drop me a PM to apply!

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