BNA spotting

Hello, welcom to my first plane spotting post!

Here, you will see some of the aircraft I’ve seen at BNA!

An Atlas Air 747-461 (N322SG) in the cargo apron!

Here is an American E175 landing at runway 2L.

A Spit A320 taking off runway 2L.

A Southwest 737-800 taking off runway 2L

A Southwest 737-800 taxiing to runway 20R

Thank you for reading this and I will post more spotting pictures in the future. This was also the very first time I’ve seen a 747.

Which picture is your favorite?

  • Atlas Air 747
  • American E175
  • Southwest 737-800 (1)
  • Southwest 737-800 (2)
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Second shot looks really good! All others are kinda mid.

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Yeah, my favorite shot was that but my favorite plane I saw had to be the 747 because Music City barely ever gets international flights. (Except with British airways)

The reson the quality is poor is because I was using an old iPhone 11 camera, now I’m starting to us a professional camera.

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