BN2B-20 Islander - Cheshire Police.

Cheshire Police Air Support Unit

This is a more unique request that will either intrigue the community or rattle it.

This classic British Police aircraft was the only police plane to be used in England. It would climb, cruise and would be able to follow pursuits and track suspects from over 6 miles away with its HD camera.

She was retired in 2010 and replaced by a helicopter.

I know the chances of this being added are tiny, but for me celebrating policing in the united kingdom and living on the memory of the British police planes would be great, I mean its done its bit for us?


The nose of the aircraft, hahaha! :)

Ridiculous isn’t it!! haha.

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It actually looks like a sea plane if they’d add floats on the wing and remove the squidward nose :)

you could add an other picture definitly … this aircraft is my favorite commercial piston twin engine airplane ! I love its engine sound !!! sooo good to ear !

this is the right aircraft :)