Bmorera8’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] at N/A

I recently passed the IFATC written exam and want so come by and help me prepare for the practical exam!

Feel free to throw some curveballs my way and offer your constructive criticism here. Thanks!

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I will see if I can swing by later :)

How long are you looking to be open?

I’ll be open for another 30 minutes or so until I leave my office. Once I get home I’ll re-open.

Ok, I will see if I can swing that time frame :)

Closing for now. I hope to be back up in a little while.

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Open again, come by!

Still open???

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Yes! Still here!

I’ll swing by!

Alright some feedback -
I requested for a transition and you gave it to me at 2,000ft, far too low. When an aircraft requests for a transition they need to be 1,000 feet at least from what aircraft in the pattern usually fly. In this case it would be 1,600ft since the airport elevation is 96 feet and that rounds to 100 adding 100 feet to the normal 1500ft for jets in the pattern. So jets would be flying 1600ft. That leaves 400 feet between me and the potential plane in the pattern. Again it needs to be 1000 feet from any traffic. The correct transition in this case would be 3000 feet.

Secondly when I announced to land you gave me a pattern entry. Good job. I have no clue why you gave me the runway on the far side of the airport less convenient for me having to cross over several active runways.

Third, you cleared me for the option when I wanted to just land. The option means I can do a touch and go, low approach, stop and go, or land. The clearance for the option should only be given with aircraft in bound for touch and goes or remaining in the pattern unless stated otherwise that they want to be full stop before giving them an option clearance.

I look forward to attending more of your tracking threads!

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks especially for the explanation on transitions. I gave you the transition at 2000 because the because airspace ceiling in the ring closest to the airport is 2500, so I put you 500 feet below that as I saw done in the tutorials. Your explanation makes far more sense, however.

As for the runway assignment, because you had been approved for the transition, I figured I’d let you finish crossing the airfield then join the right downwind for 35R.

And I knew you requested to land. However, I cleared you for the option because it allowed you to do either, and it is the training server after all, and many users don’t know what they’re doing or outright ignore ATC; that combined with you being in a GA aircraft led me to give you the option.

Please keep the comments coming and thanks for the transition-to-landing curveball!

Towers airspace extends all the way up to 5000ft in Infinite Flight. Despite the ceiling being 2500, 3000 would still be appropriate. Also I was on a left downwind as well for that runway. Just try to make it more convenient next time as it was the closest runway to me. Also just clear me to land next time as those are my intentions. :)

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Just opened in KSEA. Come do some pattern work or just to take off and head to your destination. Look forward to seeing anyone that comes by. I don’t have an exact time for how long I’ll be open, but I’ll try to be at least an hour or two.

Sorry but I’m doing a long haul, I’ll see if I can come tomorrow

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No worries. I just closed up. I was open for just over an hour and only had one flight depart. Not much traffic today.

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Open at KSLC!

Just opened up at KSEA!

Re-opened at KADW to practice before my training session later this evening.

Oooooh, so you were the ATC at KADW?
Wow, ok…
You did a nice job as ATC👍🏻. I think you’ll pass the practical. And by the way, good luck with practical

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