Bmoney326's ATC Tracking Thread- [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Hello Everyone,

I know that this time around I didn’t really get a chance to use the thread, but I really appreciate those of you that helped or offered help on my journey. A special thanks to those IFATC members who helped out during official training sessions! You guys made it possible, and without you I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I’ll see you on expert!


The journey has begun! Stop by if you get a chance, I’ll be open for ~15 to 30 minutes.

I’ll come. Can you stay for another 15 minutes or so?

Now with the correct account ;)

I’m going to have to close up for today, sorry about that, if you want I can tag you for next time, which will probably be tomorrow at 2330Z.

No problem! Hopefully next time.

Please don’t tag me when you open, I’ll come when I can :)

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Feedback from F-EDEX

Take off, clearance and runway change were all good, the only mistake was the transition altitude: when giving the transition altitude there is a cool and quick math method that consists in adding 2500ft to your airport elevation (approx 250ft at EGCC), that would give you 2750ft and you always have to approximate that number to the highest round number, in this case 3000ft.
Hope i have been helpful,
Have a great night/day


Thanks for stopping in! Glad everything was good except the transition, I forgot to brush up on the transition rule, so thanks for the clarification.

Hope to see you again soon, stay safe!

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Oh and btw tag me when you open, I’ll do my best to hop in :)

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I definitely will, appreciate the help

Open @ CYYZ


I’ll swing by, Callsign ST-ARZ


Closing in ~15 if traffic is still light.

Appreciate all the help I can get!

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Hello, tag me when you open and I will do my best to stop by. If you’re still open by the time I’m free I will stop by this session.


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Sounds good, appreciate it. I will stay open for another 15 if you want to stop by. If not, I’ll be open again on Sunday.

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Hey there, ST-ARZ.

2 Stars and an Improvement

  • Great job with pattern work and reassignment of runway
  • Good job on sequencing
  • Try not to send for the option permission too early. I was climbing not even at 1000 yet and I was already cleared.

Thanks for coming, and I appreciate the feedback!

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Open at KFAT for a quick session. Stop in if you can!


@mods can close this topic now, thanks.

Welcome back to IFATC!

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