Blutooth Joystick

Hey guys, I searched the internet for some bluetooth joysticks but have came here after no avail. Do you guys know of any?


Interesting…I never really thought of it! Sounds cool but I imagine it would drain sigificant amounts of battery. Nice idea though!

I tried looking but everything is wired. Shame though and it would really open things up.

I did see one 2.4 GHz joystick with a wireless adapter but it’s pricey.


Could you please send me the link? (i dont have a budget)

In that case it was really 599 and you can buy it through me. Lol

Logitech Freedom 2.4 GHz Cordless Joystick

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Now do you know if it would work with iOS without liveflight connect?

The funny thing is that you can buy a used for 93 bucks vs the 350 bucks. Amazon at its best!

Do you know if this would work with iOS?

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