Blurry/Unreadable text in Crj1000

Noticed this text seems to be very blurry and un readable

Since we’re building Infinite Flight for mobile devices, we need to adjust the resolution of some objects we render so that we can provide the smoothest experience possible.

In this case, whilst we have modelled the CRJ with a lot of detail internally, we’ve had to scale back what we render, otherwise it will cause “lag” around the aircraft and could make features like Live unusable (loading many high resolution textures uses a lot of the limited memory we have available).

That being said, it is something we’re actively working on! Our new CRJ200 cockpit is leaps and bounds ahead of our previous model (which we added around 2012 when we were working with much less powerful devices), and it’ll only continue to get better :) thank you for pointing this out!


I dont know about you, but I can read that just find.


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