Blurry Terrain

I am currently flying over Kazakhstan (northwest to north part of it) and it is really blurry, has anyone seen it happened, I know there was some type of improvement just a couple of hours ago and it is not suppose to have satallite imagery. can anyone help me without losing my flight?

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Well, I’d keep on your flight, and when your done, you and maybe some others can investigate this.

(Oh and BTW the category should be support!)

how do I change the category?

Is your terrain resolution set to high?

In the meanwhile I want to ask if your Wi-Fi has a stable connection and how much storage you have on your device

Use the clear cache feature in your settings.


I don’t think you can change it, so we’ll assume it’s under support!

I have about 3 GBs left and my wifi is excellent

it is still the same

Did you exit out of your IF app and go into another? This can be an issue too. I know from experience.

Could you send a screenshot by any chance?

If it didn’t work hit the clear cache again.


Is that over water or not?

No if you look closely you can see a few other colors and I looked on the live flight app

Keep trying the clear cache and see if the imagery improves.

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ok is there any other solutions?

No, other than switching to airplane mode and resetting your router then switch back to WiFi.

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it improved thank you. You can close this

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What actually worked? Resetting your router or the clear cache?

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