Blurry planes

I’ve been having an issue with infinite flight, blurry cockpits/liveries. The issue is happening with all of the planes in the game. I’m wondering is there is a fix to this problem?

Did you make sure your graphics are up?

@NoahM my graphics are all on high.

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Could you please send us a picture of the blurry liveries, so we can better understand what’s going on. Also, could you share one more with your graphic settings?

Leave your flight and set texture resolution to high

Yea, but not now as my phone is dead. I will try to send them tommorow. If that’s fine

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Make sure that you check graphics from the home screen of the game, in-flight not all are shown

Is anti aliasing on or off?

Ok. I thought they were the same through out. That just may be the solution!

@Chatta290 I tried turning it on and off but that does not change it, thanks for trieing tho. I appreciate it.

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continue discussion on this thread and state your issues. no need for two different ones for the same thing

I have the exact same problem…, that’s why I created that other thread. But no one really knows why it’s occurring

I have the same problem as well. I just thought it was a device power thing like our devices being able to handle 146737386246 full HD planes and liveries.

Without a screenshot, myself and others have no clue what you could be referencing.

@Infinite_Qantas Have you seen any screenshots? How do you know its the “exact same problem”?


there is a picture he put up on his thread but I don’t know if is that helpful Deer

Nope. It’s not unfortunately. Neither @Infinite_Qantas nor @Kimble_Ettelt listed their device,

  • Make
  • Model
  • Operating system
  • App version
  • any other pertinent information that would be useful

Without any of that info, both topics should be closed. Can’t help them if they cant help us by providing information.

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Lacks information for us to assist. Please review the topic below either update your original post on this topic and then message me to reopen it, or create a new topic with the necessary information requested below.