(Blurry Photos) Southwest 737-MAX8 Departs Manchester, NH

Now, I should’ve known better as I tried taking these photos without a Tripod, but you know, I’m sure Southwest will make another MAX8 flight to Manchester again soon, so I’ll try and get better photos.

This was in the Morning hours (Around 7am-8am), and I am a Heavy sleeper, so taking photos while tired isn’t a good combo, especially without my tripod. Anyways, Southwest brought a 737-MAX8 into Manchester for their 7:30am Departure to Baltimore, MD. I got my camera and went outside and waited for it to Depart.

Here are the 3 photos I took as I saw the 737-MAX8 go over my house

Nooo! It’s blurry! The underside of the MAX8, check out the winglets though, it’s Definitely a MAX :)

Another blurry photo as it turns right

just before it goes out of sight, the most perfect photo of the 737-MAX8, about to disappear behind my Neighbor’s house, never to be seen again

Well I still hope you like the photo, I’m sure WN will bring back this plane to Manchester soon. Thanks for stopping by :)


Even though it’s blurry it’s still a good picture I can still tell what it is. Good find!


Thank you, it was quiet when it flew over my house, I’m in the path of Runway 35 Departures, so I get to see planes go over my house. I’m also at the beginning of the ILS approach into Runway 17, opposite of 35.


@jasonrosewell Is this the one you went on?


Ugh. I um… Whoops 😑


Blame Boeing, they should have made the Max more differentiated and should make all Airlines plaster B737 Max on all the seat backs.


It’s a good photo but maybe next time set up a camera in your garden on a nice sunny day! XD

Good photos! Flying to Manchester, NH on Thursday, so look for an American aircraft😉

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Sadly I’ll be working on Thursday, but I’ll track your flight if you PM me the Flight #

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