Blurry Livery

That’s because the aircraft in the image shown is from a larger distance and as Seb said above, they drop the quality of aircraft from a larger distance in regards to you.

This is what is expected:

Here u can see me, couple weeks ago at busy KATL, all aircrafts have good livery quality, then theres me at KATL with 2 guys and the 737 looked unrecognizable

This massive quality drop has been going on for a couple days

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At what distance was that Delta 737? Because that will matter.

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Fairly close, I was standing at a middle gate in katl and it taxiied on the next parallel taxiway

This happens with aircrafts standing right next to me as well

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Hello @AExones,
Laura explained why livery is blurry below.

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I have seen that answer, however it makes no sense for my device. Im flying on pretty much the strongest performing device and have worse quality than my old iphone 6s had

It makes sense for every device since this is not a feature that takes device into account. But settings does…

I honestly don’t see an issue here. The one example provided is from weeks ago, and the other example is from an airplane that are several miles away. The Delta 737 example would be interesting to look closer at, but more details is needed for that. Such as distance, graphics settings, whether or not the model is downloaded to your device etc :)

I personally tried this on KORD just now… spawning in out, shifting models, livery etc and i can’t really find any scenario giving the same as your Delta example. Which i do agree with looks bad…


the pic from weeks ago is a example for what my liveries used to look like when all was normal

I can very clearly see a massive quality drop, as well as others laughing when I show them what other planes look like currently. All aircrafts look like the delta 737 for me atm. I have all aircraft/ liveries downloaded.

I will search on for a solution and update this thread if I find one. Otherwise I‘ll have to wait until the next update possibly, thanks for the support!

Then please do spawn in at KORD now @ Expert, make sure you have “Texture quality” set to High as that affects this greatly. Grab a screenshot of what you see :)

I have the same issue with some aircraft, while others are actually quite good.The photo is taken from the CRJ in the foreground. The 737-700 and -800 are more blurry than the A320 that is furthest away.

They look identical in terms of blurriness? It’s very visible on the registration.

I re-downloaded the game and got this

B737 at Chicago just now

I suppose that is somewhat of an improvement, but still looks bad in comparison to what they used to be

(2 pictrures from long ago with the good quality Im looking for

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Yep, that is expected.
I agree that it looked better before, not really something you can argue since it’s a fact that the quality was higher. Not remember exactly when we changed this. Or well, changed it back. Originally, we had a lower quality on other aircraft in Live… then we increased it and then went back. I’m not sure about the story about why it was increased the first time around.

But i do know that texture quality is for the time being slightly lower for other models and it’s due to performance. It’s a delicate balance.

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I have this problem, if this is to improve performance, can’t you do something to at least get better quality or reproduce for photos? sincerely other aircraft are completely on blurred

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Ok, thats a fair explination. Id encourage u guys to (if possible)make this quality adjustable by the player himself, so higher quality devices can use their potential and lower quality devices can improve performance👍🏻

Again. Not a problem.

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Everything is possible. We’ll have to have an internal discussion about that and how we handle that :)


But that didn’t happen in 19.3

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