Blurry liveries

I think what I meant to say is is this a screen shot taken in game (from replay) or just a screen shot from your device? Like did you use that little camera button in replay mode?

Yes, I used that little camera

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Hmm, interesting. Yeah I don’t know why it’s doing this in a screen shot too

what is your rendering settings ??

hmmmm… interesting, something the Staff can shed some light on. unsure though.

MaxSez: It’s “19.4”… 10lbs in a 5lbs bag…
Just Sayin, Max

Has your internet been slower recently? This could be an issue with the internet speed from your ISP. Because of the amount of people working and staying at home due to isolation from coronavirus, this may be effecting your internet. Australia is just starting to go into lockdown and I’ve noticed a significant decrease in my internet speed.

Aircraft can become low-quality when your internet is slow.

My internet is perfectly fine…, but your speculation does sound logical. But no, my internet didn’t became slower

@Infinite_Qantas - I’m thinking this may be a result of LOD (detail differences depending on vicinity to aircraft) or not a fully downloaded model (if you’ve only seen this on the KLM 747-8).

I’m trying to figure out a good way to repro this in the same environment as you, but before i embark on that mission i would need to know if the last part i mentioned could be what’s causing this?

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The same thing is happening to me. I noticed that yesterday. All other planes have blurry liveries. In settings everything is set to Best, I’ve also tried to clear the cache.

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I reported this same issue when 19.4 was first released.

My aircraft is the Singapore Airlines A350, the blurry aircraft is the Cathay Pacific A350.

Same can be seen here with the Cessna 172, the 172 isn’t my aircraft but another users.

I have all settings on the max.

Is this from replay?

Yes it is. From memory, it happens both in session and in replay.

And this occurs when your cameras point of origin is a significant distant from the aircraft in focus? Like the C172 for example.

Live airplanes have lower resolution textures loaded to save memory. That’s why they appear more blurry than the airplane we’re flying.


Okay, thanks for the info

Well, look at that. I asked for help and she took over the whole thing. Lol (:


Well, guess this can be closed then…